2021 Reunion

45th Annual AFRC Reunion


Well folks, howz about them apples? Was that a blast or what? Every one of the 45 reunions has had wonderful memories and tons of laughter, but this was a sure treat! I always drive away from these things with a huge grin that almost hurts from so much smiling over 4 or 5 days. We had 101 folks for dinner on Wednesday evening and 116 on Friday! A much bigger turnout than any of us expected!

Big, big props to Stephen and Terry Henrikson. When Steve raised his hand last year in Jackson, he was hoping for some positive response so he could gain some traction to do a reunion in the future. They had no idea the future was NOW……….. He and Terry rose to the occasion and did a tremendous job pulling this off.

They did, of course, have help on several fronts. Bill Bowden was very instrumental in getting the bier from the Deschutes Brewery we had for the two nights we had at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes. Bill also did a lot to make sure the Bier Slalom was a huge success. He was able to get bamboo and ropes for the event as well as haul stuff around all week. Thanks Bill!

The accommodations at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes were very good and the food service was great at all levels; bar, breakfast, dinner and the two group dinners we had and no one got kicked out of the hot tub!

The weather could not have been better! Mt. Bachelor was just fantastic! They gave great discounts for our group with Steve doing the negotiation. The entire West has had a great snow year and Bachelor was no exception. The off-piste was great and the grooming was pretty darn good. I think we had more folks skiing this year than any other reunion in the last 15 years. Lots of folks skied 4 days or more!

Thank you to Linc Cannon (AFRC in the late 70’s and husband of Rosie Browne, 2 time AFRC’er) and his band, ‘The Magnets’ for providing the music for our Friday night Gala. Well done and thank you to your guys!

Thursday evening music was low key but was well received. Thank you to all the folks pitching in. Tex, Monte, Joe, Jim, and whomever I may have missed. Sorry. It got real good Friday night after hours in the hotel rooms………………….


Big thanks to the Bizarre Czar of Bier Slalom, Tim Ibey and his right hand Unicorn, Steve Ahnmark! And thanks to all others who help out in any way, shape or form! The Bier Slalom has always been a huge success and this was no exception. I do think we need to re-name it however. The ski resorts have been giving us a pretty adamant ‘NO’ when the words bier and slalom are in the same sentence. We need to call it a ‘Fashion Show’. But it was nice to have it so close to the hotel so no transportation was needed.

Thank you to all the higher ranking Officers (and enlisted) that continue to put up with our antics 50 years after the fact. We all appreciate your continued attendance and hope you and your families continue to come to these wonderful reunions.

Special thanks to Donna McCumbie Jones for coming to the reunion to represent her brother Mac as well as for donating the wonderful quilt for auction to benefit the Fallen Raider Fund. We lost ‘Mac’ last year not too long after the reunion.  It was a shock to say the least. He was the most happy I had seen him at the Jackson reunion. Props to Mallie Hall for standing up and sharing your friendship with Mac.  Tim Ibey , you bailed me out on the auction front. I have a plenty big mouth, but sometimes it is better if it is shut! Some folks are better suited to auction stuff off! The Fallen Raider Fund now stands at $2650 due to your generous donations and auction buys. Thank you to Lisa Bentson and Monte Huamann for donating items for the auction as well.

We will be heading to Big Sky, Montana for the 4th time (previously held there in 2001, 2005 and 2014) in 2020 for our 46th Annual AFRC Reunion. We will let you all know what the deal is when we get stuff going in a few months.

Lots of you folks chat it up about doing a Summer reunion. Well, one of you ought to put it together and make a real presentation next year.

Joe and I thank you all for continuing to support what we do.

Paul S. Lambres




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