2021 Reunion


ON HITLERS MOUNTAINThis book is an intimate glimpse into a German childhood under the Third Reich in the small Bavarian village of Berchtesgaden.3/22/2009
Bavaria & Catalonia on a Gallon A DayAlso known as "Chips Out O' Yer Knickers"...4/4/2004
NAZI GOLDThe story of the greatest robbery and the greatest criminal cover-up the world has ever known. Many references to Garmisch and surrounding area.3/3/2004
Passport To Love"Passport To Love" You will literally "howl" at this literary classic written by none other than Dirty Dog. Part of book and free CD includes a great story of Chiemsee Raiders at October Fest 1975.7/6/2004
Bavarian CremeCompiled short stories from people with adventures at University of Maryland, Munich Campus. From 1950 to 200212/9/2003

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