2021 Reunion

Bavaria & Catalonia on a Gallon A Day


From the book: My first few steps out of Munich were taken with an impatience to be once more on the road, tinged with regret at the leaving of Ingrid, Munich and its beer. But my mind was now set on Spain again and to catch up with the sun, which despite smiling on me for so long was now signalling the end of its summer intensity in such northerly climes, the cool Munich air telling me I was leaving at the right time. As I stood at the exit road to Innsbruck, the exhilarating feeling of independence grew again. Despite my rough clothes and humble status I was experiencing a burgeoning confidence, and in my brief courting of Ingrid, I had discovered the new and satisfying delight of forming a relationship with a girl from another country, one that several weeks ago I would have had only in my dreams.

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