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This has been another good year for the ARFC SKI GROUP since our start with the first reunion held in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1-5 February 1975, with 74 Raiders present, skiing at SNOWBIRD & ALTA. We were at Keystone, Colorado, in March of this year for our 34th annual reunion while we will next go to Whitefish, Montana, on 11-15 March 2009, for our 35th consecutive reunion.  We will be staying at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake where the price is right, the accommodations outstanding, and the view fantastic. If you have not made reservations at the Lodge please do so soonest. Also send your registration and money to Joe Cilenti soonest as he needs to pay our bills and have all in order for the reunion.


If my memory serves me correctly, only one of our AFRC SKI Group has attended ALL of our reunions and that is Paul Lambres. Congratulations Paul on your record attendance.  We do all appreciate your and Joe Cilenti’s continued dedication to our ski reunions. You two great Raiders are the glue that holds this wild organization together.


Your Uncle Baz and his 17 pound yellow cat, HOBBES, maintain a residence here in the foothills of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains.  My house is on an acre of wooded land adjacent to 50 acres of woods which abound in wild life. This past week I had at one time about  50 wild turkeys in my yard enjoying shelled corn that I had thrown. In addition to the turkeys, I have whitetail deer, raccoons, possums and some cats who come around to test the territorial area of my HOBBES who incidentally is my Security. He goes with me on my exercise walks and I have yet to be attacked by anything.


I am looking forward to seeing many of you at Whitefish. Again, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Good Health, Good Cher and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009.


Uncle Baz


I just got a correction from Paul Lambres as it appears that my memory is failing!! Here is Paul's message to me:

Great post on Bazzz'z Corner. I am glad you were finally able to get on the website.
I must correct you, however, in that I have not made all of the reunions. I have made 32 of the 34 held so far. So has Gail Schisler. I missed the first one in Salt Lake City in 1975. I was still in the service and stationed at Chiemsee that winter ( not a good excuse: Mike Derosier made it!). I also missed Aspen in 1983. I was so broke I had to work every day and night I could. Scott offered to pay my way to the reunion, but I couldn't afford to miss any work. I can not, off hand, tell you the two that Gail has missed. I do know that they were not the ones I missed.
If it is easy, could you edit your post or at least add on to it to reflect a correction? Sure enough, Paul,  for here it all is ....BAZ

PS: Are their others with the same or better attendance records? BAZ

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