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34thl Annual AFRC Ski Reunion


Our 34th Consecutive Annual AFRC Ski Reunion was held at Keystone, Colorado, on 20-24 February 2008 with a fine turnout of 104 of the Faithful Raiders with families and friends who arrived from all four corners of the USA and Germany.


Bob and Frankie Harvey from Gainesville, Florida, are to be commended for making the arrangements for our reunion in Keystone. The Keystone Inn could not have been a better location with the slopes only a few minutes walk away plus a frequent free bus service for those who desired. Two delicious gourmet dinners were served at the Keystone Inn’s, Sister Keystone Lodge where there was also dancing one night with fine disco music. Again, Bob and Frankie on behalf of all us Raiders, we appreciate your sponsorship for another excellent and successful reunion.


Paul Lambres and Joe & Julie Cilenti are commended again for handling all the financial and registration tasks for the reunion.  For their dedication and loyal work over the past many years, Joe and Julie were awarded the “BAZ CUP” as being the “MOST DEFINING RAIDERS FOR 2008”.  The cup was not physically presented to Joe and Julie since Patti Weldon of Calgary, Canada, was unable to attend and bring along the cup, awarded her for 2007. The cup is passed on to the next recipient each year.  SO we hope that Joe and Julie will be getting their full award this year sometime!


Your Uncle BAZ keeps getting pleasantly surprised by you Raiders.  The Beer Slalom was, among others, run by two guys and four gal Raiders, all wearing Arkansas Tech University, BASWELL HALL, sweat shirts, baseball caps and with the four cheerleaders wearing skirts made by Debbie Deskavich, colorful wigs and carrying pom poms.  I hope to get on this web site a photo of this BASWELL GROUP which has come to me. You all never cease to amaze, amuse and honor me and always keeping the surprise a complete secret until the last minute. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and loyalty to your ole Uncle BAZ.


As many of you may know I had an altitude (not attitude!!) problem for the first time in my life. I just could not breathe enough for my oxygen needs.  I want to sincerely thank Nancy Myers and Steve Czechanski who saw my distress and came to my rescue with attention and a bottle of oxygen which was good for two nights.  This made my day and kept me comfortable and happy for the rest of the reunion. Again, Nancy and Steve, my since thanks for your help, concern and dedication to my comfort.


It is about time I draw this to a close and if I have forgotten anything I will add more later.  Now you all get out and find out where Whitefish, Montana,  is located and start to plan for a reunion there in 2009. Your Uncle BAZ plans not to miss another reunion at least until I am 100 years young.  Love, Peace and Stay Well,  Uncle BAZZZZZZZZZZ


PS. You all  please send me by an email attachment or by the slow postal system,   some photos of the Keystone Reunion.

I especially want see more of the BASWELL HALL beer slalom event.  BAZ

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