2021 Reunion

Baswell Hall


It has been toooo long since I added to Bazz's Corner and now that I have something to say, here goes on this scariest day of the year! Just hope the ghost don' get any of you.


For those of you who might not have heard about BASWELL HALL at the Arkansas Tech University, Russellville Arkansas, I will must tell you about it! BASWELL HALL is a 234 student dormitory and wrap around entrance to the University's football field. On 29 September 2007, a few weeks back, the BASWELL HALL construction was completed and the handsome structure dedicated and named after your Uncle Baz. The unique part of the dedication was that some AFRC Raiders, namely Paul Lambres and Kit Haskill from California, Debbie Deskavich from Massachusetts, and Jim Marvin from Idaho, showed up and made a most appreciative honorium in my name to THE COLONEL CARL F. BASWELL ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  This engineering scholarship fund was set up by me a few years back to support needy Junior and Senior engineering students in their final years at Arkansas Tech. The honorium and attendance by these AFRC  Raiders was worked out with the Arkansas Tech staff and kept a complete secret from BAZ. I do appreciate the generous contribution by so many Raiders which amounted to over $8,000, according the university staff. Oh shucks, you shouldn't have done it...but you can't get it back!


I remain busy and traveling enough to keep me happy. Will be spending Thanksgiving in Florida with the Wootens and then back home for Christmas in Arkansas with the few remaining relatives that I still have. I fly back to Germany and work (if you can call it that) on 6 January 2008, but I will return in time for the next reunion at Keystone, Colorado, on 20-24 February 2008. At 85 I have few comtemporaries left. People ask me when I am going to retire and I must tell you all “that I have my pride and I am too proud to quit and have to go on food stamps, so there is my forever answer!“


It is said that ole men like to talk and talk but unfortunately they don't always know what they are talking about and thus never know when to shut up.  So I think for the moment I will close while I am still ahead and come again another day.  SEE YOU ALL AT KEYSTONE IN FEBRUARY!   Uncle BAZ






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