2021 Reunion

Back to Germany



For those who might not have heard, I will be returning to the USA from Germany on 1 September to prepare for the dedication of BASWELL HALL.  This a football field wrap around five story, red brick and glass  building at Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, Arkansas for which I am a principal donner. BASWELL Hall will house 228 students, has the main entrance to the Football Field complex, has a fourth floor VIP lounge just behind and above the bleacher on the fifty yard line and a PRESS and coaches box on the fifth floor. I am assured a life time pass to the VIP lounge and use of the elevator to get me up there and back. 

I considered taking advantage of my unused WWII GI Edlucatinal Bill and spending  a semester in BASWELL HALL while taking more computer classes, but I reconsided and feel the younger students need the space!!! Now at 85 I look forward to many more healthy years and visits to BASWELL HALL and watching their fine Wonder Boys football team.


Any Raiders who might be visiting in Germany this summer, July and August, I will welcome a visit or call. My phone in Germany is: 0621-705183, and there is an answering machine...leave a message.


You all have a good summer, stay well, stay happy and stay in touch. Uncle Baz.



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