2021 Reunion

Mannheim, Germany, Friday, January 19, 2007


Trust that all your faithful Raider’s are looking forwarding to our next and 33d Annual AFRC Reunion to be held at the Banff Park Lodge, Canada, in 28 Jan to 4 March. Baz has just arrived back in Germany but will again fly home to Arkansas on 17 February and get my bags packed for Canada. Since I am a  non-skier, packing my bag is not much of a chore anymore.

 Big headlines in today’s Star and Stripes reads: “ARMY MAY ‘DRAFT’ GI’S TO FILL MWR POSITIONS”. Now I figured the ski patrols are coming back to B’Gaden and Garmisch until I read the small print!  The positions they are talking about are the manning of physical fitness facilities which are now on all the USA military installations.
Anyone want to reenlist and return to Germany and work in a physical fitness center?
The only ski activities left in Germany for the military are at Garmisch.

Paul Lambres tell me that there are 75 reservations in the Banff Park Lodge and that 67 Raiders have paid their registration to Joe.  If you haven’t paid your registration, do so pronto or you will be too late to get a t-shirt. Patti has gone all out to have great T-shirts made in Canada for our reunion.

I have been informed by my Delta Airline agent that we who FLY in and out Canada must have valid USA Passports.  This is a recent terrorist security measure and will eventually apply to all those who enter by auto or ship. So far now it is the FLY in tourist who gotta have the passport.

Now you all get your bags packed, passports in order and see yea in Banff! 

Uncle Baz


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