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33d Consecutive Annual AFRC Raider Reunion


There are hardly enough great adjectives in the dictionary to describe our 33d Annual AFRC Raider reunion that was just held in Banff, Alberta, Canada  (a town of only 6000 population with six million annual visitors)  on 28 February thru 4 March 2007.  The weather was great, the turnout of 82 Raiders was excellent and the snow conditions could not have been better. It was good that the snow was not deeper or else Dr. Fred Distelhorst, who lost his wallet on SUNSHINE the first day, had it was found and turned into the ski patrol that evening and back to Fred the next morning. Looks like those Canadian folks are good honest people.


Patti Weldon and friend, Kevin Taylor, are to be commended for their tireless efforts over the past summer and fall putting together this fine and most successful reunion. The Banff Park Lodge in downtown Banff could not have been a better location. The accommodations were excellent, the food and service most commendable and the staff friendly and helpful. Banff will no doubt be selected for another reunion someday.  It was most appropriate that Patti was voted unanimously to receive the “BAZ” CUP as the “Most Defining Raider” for 2007.  The cup was presented by Uncle Baz at our final evening assembly. Patti is the third receiver of the cup following Paul Lambres in 2005 and Uncle Baz in 2006.   Who will get it from Patti in 2008 at Breckenridge? You ALL come and find out!


Bongo Bill Cleland was unable to attend, but he never-the-less came through with his usual contribution of delicious fresh oysters that arrived by overnight express. Thanks Bongo as we truly did enjoyed the treat at our banquet evening.  It was no doubt the great boast from this seafood that gave Big Pete, Steve Ahnmark and Boyd Colt the incentive and strength to make the BIER SLALOM a most enjoyable, fun and exposable little weenie and big booby event.  Dirty Harry and Bride came in formal dress and brought the occasion up to a higher moral level!  No winner but Pete & Paul had the most fun.


We must acknowledge the fine work of Joe Cilenti for this and past reunions for his dedication and work in researching for new reunion sites and above all his bookkeeping and accounting management skills of our unofficial organization.  Congratulations Joe, we are most appreciative and proud of the fine work you do for Raiders.


I want to acknowledge the attendance of one of our earlier AFRC Commanders at B’Gaden, Colonel (Ret) Bernie Brown and his lady, Barbara, who came down from Alaska. They were also present last year at Ogden Utah at our 32d Anniversary event.

Good to see that Bernie is still hitting the slopes but sorry that Barbara has had legs surgery and now grounded along with Uncle Baz with his old neck and back injuries.


Next year we will be going to Breckenridge, Colorado under the sponsorship of Bob Harvey and his Lady Frankie from Gainesville, Florida.  Paul Lambres and Joe Cilenti will be backing up the operation and contacting other Raiders in the Breckenridge area to lend a hand!  Watch our WEB SITE;    AFRCSKI.COM  for developing details and for flyers arriving in the summer.


It is always a pleasure to add something to Bazz's Corner.  You all stay well, stay happy and above all stay in touch until next year. Love & Peace, Uncle Baz



 Hills of Arkansas, Sunday, 23 June 2007

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