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Pat Nay

By: lambo
Posted: 12/4/2013 7:21:27 PM
Pat Nay from the way back
  •  Chris Dwyer
     Pat Nay was my room-mate from in Garmisch from 1984-85. We lived on the Sheridan Kassern in building 103, "The Annex", right across the way from "The Hippie Bar". Garmisch was a paradise for backpackers, providing an oasis in Europe for Americans where they could get jobs, save money and continue traveling the world. Pat was kind as well as big and strong. He was a natural athlete, and a good climber and skier. We met up in Pamplona for the bull run in 1985. I drove my BMW motorcycle there and he drove with friends from Garmisch in a rented car. Pat was always ready to have fun and rarely turned down the opportunity to have a beer with friends. His girlfriend Karen scared me a few times when Pat would leave our room. She wanted to have her way with me and all I could think of was him killing both of us for betraying him. She was pretty, but he was my friend and room-mate, and even though I was horny and unattached, there was no way that I would risk our friendship or a potential beating. I doubt he would have hurt me, but you never know. Pat was 6'4"  and 210 pounds of muscle, I was 5'8" 170 lbs of "not as big as him". He left us too soon and without much warning due to complications after successful prostate cancer surgery. He sent me an email telling me that the surgery went well and then two days later he was gone. I miss him and his sincerely friendly smile. RIP Pat Nay.
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